Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mumbai Fiasco

So if you're surprised at the mess that the proposed drainage work on Peddar Road has led to, I'm surprised. After discussing the intricacies of the operation on this major artery for a couple of months, all under wraps - it was hardly a few days before the work was due to begin that we even got to know about it! - the Municipality got cold feet. Barely one day into the project the BMC, due to "unexpected chaos on the streets" caused by the part of the road being blocked (Oh yeah? Unexpected?) decided to stop digging and to continue only in May when the schools are on vacation. Actually school vacs begin mid April so the reason for postponing the drainage work to May, as suggested by today's DNA, appears to be something which is not being spelled out - Lok Sabha elections, which are round the corner. We don't want the public to be inconvenienced.

The fact that the eyes, the ears, the hands, the different organs of this body are not on speaking terms with each other and that the decision was taken in a totally ill coordinated manner, only shows up the reality of Bombay. Errr sorry, Moombai. It shows up the fact that chaos is not only expected once the work gets going but that it is
a mild way of describing what we will have to face here in Bom .... errrr Mooombai for who knows how long.

The problem is there are more cars in Moombai than there is place for them to drive. As the over abundance of vehicles shows there are more people living in the city than the city can really provide for. Those people are here because the jobs are all here and damn all is being done to develop areas besides Bombay and major cities which will encourage people to stay and work where they are rather than to migrate to the shit-holes they eventually end up living in, in the city.

Right. And now it's soon going to be time to get your forefinger dotted with a tiny spot of purple ink very soon. Which moron are you going to pick on, to boost our national and civic pride?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roasted Aborigines Anyone?

Interesting Menus in Goa

I clean forgot that I too had some pics of our visit to Goa, on my camera! Here they are. Please note the menu above, from the restaurant called "Agonda Paradise". This too is right on the beach, and they offer some pretty interesting dishes which I would recommend, such as "Melazane Arrosta" which among other things, is made of roasted aborigines. Mum and I ordered a plate and it was good. Now you can call us cannibals.

Our sit out at Chattai

View from our hut at Chattai
The place which serves roasted aborigines

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back From The Beach

Sitting out at Chattai

Goa was restful when we visited it last week ... but hot! Verry hot. We had hoped for a cooler March but this year seemed to be somewhat warmer than most so afternoons were the time to be baked. The mornings and evenings were pleasant though and as we were by the beach most of the time we not only survived our four days there but enjoyed them.

Finally we got to stay at "Chattai" after several unsuccessful attempts to book ourselves there. That is, Peg, Vishnu and I stayed there and the rest of the party - parents and Shiv were at Menino's, five minutes away, also huts on the beach.

Chattai sadly, didn't turn out to be all that it was cranked up to be. Of course its location is the major plus point and also the restaurant right on the beach. The sit outs adjoining each hut are also extremely pleasant to hang out in but somehow the atmosphere seemed a bit weary and sad. Service, even by Goan standards was a bit too laidback. Most of the day there were chaps hanging around the restaurant with nothing to do but at the time when you wanted tea or something - like tea time - you couldn't get it because the cook had his "off". The odd job guys continued to loiter around, looking at the guests and asking if they could bring you a cold Limca or Coke - which we eventually had to settle for since everyone was too lazy to traipse off elsewhere for a cuppa at that time.

Agonda sunset

One of the best things about Chattai was the pompfret which they served for dinner. Best marinated and grilled with veggies and salad served alongside.

Other places we visited for meals were Tiger Canisha (our favourite haunt), Boom Shankar at Palolem, with its fabulous view and Fatima's which is also a pretty pleasant place to hang out in.

Boom Shankar at Palolem
Pics by Shiv