Monday, December 14, 2009

Images Of Bombay

Some pics that capture the essence of Bombay - taken by Sophie who visited us along with Suhail in November.

Roadside salon

The heart of "town"

Baan Ganga

Dhobi Ghat

My favourite - crow conference

To refresh your memory - Sophie and Mansi


And meanwhile the deluge soon begins. On Friday the Turks arrive - Ozden and a friend, neither of whom I've met though both of them know Ayse. A day later, come Rupert, Brigitte, Ayse and Geraldine, with whom we will be doing the workshop in bodywork starting Sunday. If hotel bookings dont work out for the next lot we might also have Sabine, Dieter, Joseph and Jutta stretched out on the carpet in the living room - all of whom are actually on their way to Goa and need a place for two nights and a day. And then I am off myself to Bangalore and Xanadu for the New Year.

In case this turns out to be the last post of the year, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to y'all.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rhythm Pharma

What a surprise to find Greg and Aparna at my doorstep yesterday morning. The surprise element was not so much in the fact of their having turned up, as Vijay had called a couple of hours earlier, to ask if these friends of theirs, from the U.S. could visit me for a brief while. They were really interested, he said, in the work that we were doing at Basicindia. The surprise was more in the feeling of having known each other for ages in spite of the fact that we were meeting for the first time. Aparna incidentally, is the daughter of a former school friend of Nirupa's (Vijay's wife). Anyway, as luck would have it I did have the morning free so they came along with their kids, Anouskha and Uma (my namesake - kind of).

In the hour or so that we chilled out on the balcony, we discovered we had so much in common it wasn't funny. Talk about "coincidence". I told them about our involvement with Xanadu and Greg a percussionist who has worked with several major bands and also with Bikram Ghosh in India, described his work, which involves creating a space to explore consciousness, through the use of rhythms. Check out the site: Rhythm Pharm
You'll soon find some more info on them and on Greg's work on the basicindia site (Basic Reflections).