Sunday, February 12, 2006

A View From the Wrong End

Criticism and negativity comes so easily to all of us. Ever noticed it? Especially the kind that has no productive value and which we often indulge in when the person concerned is not present. Somehow the “wrongs” done us, the offences and the insults seem to remain with us longer than all that is good about us and others. Human beings seem to have a vast capacity for anger, bitterness and revengeful feelings.

Much of our attraction for the darker side of life is reflected in the media – TV news, the newspapers and so on, in which you find a concentration of the world’s disasters. Murders, rapes, bombings, lootings, grandmothers being killed by their grandchildren and like we saw recently in Bombay, a boy being (I forget) either killed or beaten up by his grandmother. Cheerful world aint it!

Here and there between the stories of violence and those that are downright inane you salvage a piece or two that gives you hope for the world. I am not referring to those hospital rounds by film stars to cheer up children with cancer and the like – but more to normal citizens fighting back the bureaucracy and administration. Cleaning up their part of the city. Fighting stupid laws. Coming to each other’s aid in times of distress.

I sometimes wish stories like that would make the headlines on the front page and our fat politicians could be pushed back a bit. To do that I guess we would have to take ourselves as individuals at least as seriously as we take the people we choose to represent us on the world stage. As it happens it looks like we give all the importance and authority to our chosen reps and allow them to handle us like puppets.



Rose DesRochers said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I wonder why the stories that show compassion never make the front pages. I wish they would. Sadly though, media feels it wouldn’t be so good for the ratings. Excellent article. It gives one much to think about.

Stardust1954 said...

Uma- I find it sad that my Random Writings, Artwork and Photography blog and my Literary Reflections blog get little attention and comments, but my more controversial Stardust blog attracts so much more attention. And even on that blog, my posts about nebula and distant new-found planets and wonders of the universe go pretty much ingored. It's sad that more people aren't interested in the good stuff. Like YOUR's great and makes one feel good.

Rose- I checked out your blogs and they are VERY helpful and interesting to me as a writer. I hope you don't mind that I have put links to your blog on my Random Writings blog.