Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Dangers of a Kiss

What has apparently shaken up Delhi recently, is not the fact that there is so much violence and factionalism in the country, nor that a large number of people still go to bed hungry every night, or that women get such a raw deal in life. No Sir. What is shaking up the city is the fact that Farhad Suri, the guy who was elected Mayor of Delhi two or three days back was PUBLICLY KISSED by his wife when she got the news. Ahem.

The papers quote a long list of notables who have condemned this barbaric act of passion. She should not have done it. He should not have allowed it. Public figures should behave themselves. Kissing is a private act, not meant for public consumption. Etc. etc. And boy do they all sound like self righteous prigs. But that is India. The holier than thou attitude is one of our major distinctions. I am my brother’s keeper and I am going to decide what he does, what he says and what he should think.

Let me quote the views of BJP councillor Subhash Arya on the subject. “ Suri has created history,” says Arya. “Never before has such a scene been seen before. Sitting on the Mayor’s chair or dais this is unacceptable. He should have stepped away from the dais and then what the couple did is their personal life. It (kissing) is not a part of our tradition and cannot be tolerated.”

This is very evident. A kiss has to do with love and when I see what we Indians do to each other in the name of God and religion it seems to me that it is true, love is not really a part of our tradition. Duty is, or at least the idea of it. But love? Love is not to be tolerated. (Of course India is not the only place in the world where people are intolerant and smug, so let's burst some crackers at this point, in celebration).

If you want to really show someone you love them you should first make sure that nobody is around to see you because to exhibit love openly is a sign of disrespect for the person watching you. Love is something to be ashamed of. No wonder the majority of us are so screwed up! The lucky ones are the people who at least know they are screwed up and are trying to get the knots in their minds and lives unravelled, in whichever way they find best. The not so lucky ones are those who believe they are always right. I would not want to be one of them if you paid me a million bucks and promised me a free flight to the moon. Come to think of it, maybe that is where the Mr. and Mrs Know It Alls of the world belong.

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