Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Day of The Mosquito

Our lives are being taken over. First the bomb blasts, then raging floods in the state and as if that weren’t enough we are now being invaded by squadrons of mosquitoes! From zero or close to zero count in the last months, the mosquito count in our flat as shot up to several hundreds. They are everywhere, shoving their evil little faces into your skin and sucking your blood like the parasites they are. And whining while they’re about it. Hell. You can’ even sit peacefully in the bathroom any more and commune with nature – unless you consider mosquitoes also a part of nature. (Though not quite the part you would choose to communicate with, I’m sure).

If biting was the only thing that mossies did, well I would accept it with grace. But on top of biting you and leaving you scratching yourself in the most undignified manner they pass on deadly diseases like encephalitis and malaria, which more than a couple of friends have been recently struck with. The latest victim has been my friend Mandira’s sister, Rotna whose new pet Beagle puppy I believe is looking after her and nursing her back to good cheer if not good health.

I don’t know of any truly effective means to keep these damn pests away. Smoke, mosquito repellent – we’ve tried it all but their effectiveness is limited. Maybe someone has a special mosquito mantra that will help to drive away those little whiners? If so please share your gyan.

The joys of mud:


Dwight said...

Hey Uma,

Here in Canada the government runs a series of ads to combat the menace.....they suggest destroying a mosquitos' love life by leaving no stagnant water around...

Stardust1954 said...

We are in an area some distance from any kind of water supply, except for a creek that runs through the center of town about three miles from where we live and we have had more mosquitos than I can remember. Yesterday evening it was very cool, a nice little breeze blowing so I thought I would sit on my porch swing and was out there for about 5 minutes before being driven back inside by a mosquito squadron (one bit me on the ear and the itching kept me up half the night!) West Nile Virus is the disease we have to be alert for here. The number of cases have been rising each year since the first case was discovered in the 1990s.