Sunday, September 24, 2006

Settling Down

Slowly this is beginning to feel like home. It is as if the memories of my own home are almost fading and this is the only place I ever lived. Thomas has set me up with a laptop, a mac, which is pretty cool. It is right by my bedside and I have it all to myself. Talk about being spoilt.

My parents arrived in Prien day before yesterday and we have been having a nice time together. They are staying in a hotel not far off and they walk down every morning after breakfast. We just lounge around, chat, have a snack and some beer around midday and they push off for their afternoon nap and return in the evening. Ayse turned up this weekend, driving all the way from Cologne. It was great to see her but unfortunately she had to return this afternoon because she is expecting a guest tomorrow.

I miss being able to go out - miss walking around and the streetside cafes which is really the best thing about being in the west. But all in all it feels good to be here.


Sharat said...


Was wondering what settling down means. The way it sounds to me is that you were out of control and that now you are getting into a routine- a predictable way of life!

Or It could mean that you have at 'home' now and nothing else matters!

I only hope its not getting back to a comfort zone for the sake of continuing to be what was before.


umarang said...

Where I am is anything but a comfort zone, believe me Sharat!!