Monday, June 18, 2007

Enter The Monsoon

The monsoon has set in and high time too! We have been at the end of our resources, struggling to keep awake through the heat and humidity. All of a sudden it has cooled down but of course muggy spells in between are still to be expected.

Yesterday there was a bunch of people from the neighbouring slum colony, all of them standing on the rocks just outside their door, gazing raptly at the gigantic monsoon waves rippling through the sea and crashing on the shore, sometimes spilling over the wall around their hutments. In the picture here you see the view from our balcony at high tide - the sea comes in almost to the foot of the garden wall. It's great. The sunsets are a treat - when there are any to speak of! Dark clouds intermingled with startling shades of orange and pink. An artist's paradise.


Stardust said...

Oooooo a monsoon! How exciting! I am one of those weird people who love storms. The other day we had a tornado skim our town, and I stood on my deck and watched the churning, swirling clouds, and the lightning until the rain stared coming down and forced me indoors.

No tornado touched down in our area, fortunately. Though they are frightning, I have always wanted to see a funnel cloud.

uma said...

I heard about that tornado. My friend Rani was supposed to fly out of Baltimore and missed her flight she says. Came the next day.

I love watching storms. I was caught in one, a few years back in Germany and that wasn't quite so much fun because I was sopping wet and came down with a really bad cold.

Stardust said...

You've been tagged...check out my Stardust Musings blog for details.