Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some Pics

Finally I managed to find an easy way to connect my camera with the computer, with Tilmann's help. Tilmann is the guy who's rented a couple of rooms on the ground floor and is often in and out of the house. His grinning face and cheerful nature make up for the lack of sun on cold and cloudy days.

Anyway here are some of the people I already wrote about.

Irina and Ose. Irina is the musician who gave the piano recital at Ose's place the evening we arrived in Munich. She lives in Hamburg and is married to a guy from Togo, who runs a restaurant in Hamburg.

Julia and me. Julia is the daughter of my old friend Sabine and lives in Frankfurt

Ten month old Aidan. (Julia's baby)

Jenny, the au pair from Bogota (Colombia). She makes a great dracula.


Dwight said...

Hey Uma,

Thanks for the pictures and the posts. I enjoyed your latest article on basicindia. Enjoy your stay in Europe and keep posting....


uma said...

Thanks Dwightie Guz. How about writing a bit more yourself?