Sunday, May 04, 2008

Juzt simbly

The sea is getting slowly rougher each day, although there are several weeks left for the monsoon. Dark clouds have also started to pile up in the sky in the evenings and you almost get the feeling that rain is a few days, rather than several weeks away.

This morning I went out onto the balcony and breathed in a fresh draught of the sea air mingled with ... aaaah... fresh piss. From where I couldn't exactly say, I mean there are men relieving themselves over the rocks every day but this smelt like it came from somewhere closer. Maybe someone had peed against the building wall?


Reading Pamuk's "Istanbul", a good three years after my visit to Turkey. It brings back memories of my own trip down the Bosphorous with Ayse and Bablu, and our visits to monuments like the Sofia Haga. In some of the places foreigners have to pay more to enter, than the Turks so while visiting Topkapi our very clever driver Yashar actually persuaded us to pretend we were locals and not tourists from India, while Ayse dinned it into our heads NOT TO SAY A WORD. "You're deaf, both of you, understand?" It worked - inspite of the fact that Bablu made a very strange looking Turk in his dhoti and colourful kurta, but what the hell, we got in almost free of charge.

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