Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Shambhu's latest antics have left me with mixed feelings. After being labelled "dumb" and "stupid" by almost everyone, he left us quite zapped by catching a sparrow the other day. We didn't actually see it happen but found the evidence on the carpet in the form of some feathers and spots of blood. I have seen him also frequently pounce on and dismember lizards, which makes me groan because I personally find lizards not only cute but useful to have around as the bigger ones catch the cockroaches.

So on the one hand I find this bloody sport rather difficult to handle but on the other hand when I see Shambhu having such a good time I get confused. It's all in the game I suppose. The lad has now been galivanting like crazy, he is sometimes out for twelve hours in a day. Yesterday he left home at 4 in the afternoon and returned at 3 in the morning, yowling away to tell us he was back again. He is currently stretched out on the sofa, dead to the world. Guess he's had a hard day.

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