Monday, January 19, 2009

Germany visits India

Brigitte, Saru, Shambhu and Gisela

Finally, after months of planning and email exchanges Gisela and her friend Brigitte turned up in Bombay early on the 14th morning. Gisela being Gisela was up and about shortly after I myself had got going in the morning - no sign of jet lag, no tiredness, even less need to rest than I had (I always need a small nap) and raring to go. We spent a couple of hours on the balcony catching up on news about her daughters Ebba and Tessa and her granddaughters and various other typical family things before lunch. After which she and Brigitte set out on a round of the neighbourhood.

The five days the "girls" were here have gone by in a haze. They would vanish after breakfast in the morning and return in the evening - in fact one day they weren't back till shortly before 10 at night, leaving me wondering whether I should start to worry. But before I could bite my fingernails they pranced back in, laden with shopping bags and faces beaming, all set for a tot of rum (or gin and tonic - Brigitte's favourite drink).
Chocolate mousse at Gaylords

We spent yesterday evening at "Gaylords" which I was visiting after ages, which gave me a chance to remember what a nice place it is to hang out in, and the fact that they serve pretty good food as well. The chocolate mousse was a fitting end to a riotous women's evening out during which we sent Gisela's husband Werner one of those "wish you were here" sms's. Now am considering making a trip back to the restaurant just for another mouthful of that rich and extremely sinful dessert.
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