Sunday, January 10, 2010

Waiting ...

Now back since Thursday, from Neredu, we're all slowly getting grounded again. As usual Neredu was an extraordinary experience - the place, the people, the atmosphere. I am still waiting for photos from Sharat and others who took their cameras along. I thought I'd forgotten to take mine but on returning I found it at the bottom of my rucksack. Anyway the result is that I have no photos this time but I think they should be rolling in in a couple of days from various people.

The day after I got back Shambhu was seriously sick. He'd been munching the usual kachra from the garbage bin and it almost looked like a case of poisoning. However, the vet who paid us a couple of visits, set him right with a couple of injections and since last night his appetite has returned, he is eating, mewing and purring and currently curled up on a chair in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

:-) Happy for Shambhu,

shasha said...

heard (through the grapevine) that the Timbaktu workshop was really excellent!!
Hope Shambhu is all well now; back to parading himself in the garbage heaps ;)

Uma said...

Heh heh yes, Shambhu-ji is back rummaging in the garbage, complaining loudly about life, and dirty as ever. When you coming to visit him?

The Timbaktu experience was very good, yes. Who is the "grapevine" (let me guess!)