Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Music And Meditation In The HIlls

The guest house at Panchgani might have been more than a bit run down but it did provide us with an ideal break from the city. The weather was pleasant, we could, at all times enjoy a view of the mountain range from our rooms and balconies and there was this wonderful sense of "being together" almost throughout, the bonding taking place equally during our meditations and dialogues, as during lunches, dinners or evening walks. One of the most interesting topics to surface quite spontaneously on the last morning, was that of "money". Without going into details I could say that it made each of us aware of a number or aspects to do with money ranging from how we dealt with it as individuals, to the general scene in the world where we face stark differences in earning and spending capacity.

A and S who came along to help out with the meals also had a ball, traipsing all the way to the Partapgadh fort one morning (they returned exhausted after climbing up 450 steps and all the way down again), running wild in the Panchgani market and generally enjoying the scenery and weather.

Here are some pics which I got from Suhail and Kalpana:

Su at Kamat's, where we stopped for breakfast on the way. (He threatened to kill me if I posted this pic so please dont tell him!)

Kalpana enjoying the evening meditation


Vijay, who joined us after a longish break

Cooking with awareness

Another one on cooking which I actually posed for. My contribution consisted largely of watching other people chop, stir or fry the veggies

Basia and Kalpana

Basic nuts (this includes the photographer who doesn't appear in the pic)

And one last shot by Kalpana, of a poster on the back of a van, on our way back home

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