Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Why are people so snooty about soap operas? I find them sometimes more fun to watch than a Laurel and Hardy movie! They are so ridiculous they can really uplift your spirits on a rainy day. (Am referring to the inner climate).

Watched more of the Hindi soap “Bhabhi” some days ago. Ooooohhhhhh myyyyyyy. Bhabhi outdid herself in the hysterics game. In this particular episode her daughter’s baby is aborted. Bhabhi stands at the side of dottie’s bed and you think to yourself, oh oh, just as dottie’s pregnancy is being terminated, Mummy’s eyeballs are going to bounce right out of her head. And I picture them doing this little jig there on the floor accompanied by Scottish bagpipe music.

Everybody cried copiously in the episode (is there an episode when nobody cries? Correct me if I am wrong but I don’t think so). I wondered how much Vaseline Suhana (Bhabhi’s daughter) had to apply to her eyelids to get the waterworks going. Or how many onions they had to slice and smell to launch it. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Then this character, who has been falsely accused of sleeping with Bhabi’s daughter and was beaten up by the bridegroom (who has now rejected her on account of his belief that she was unfaithful) walks around with gobs of dark pink goo on his face, supposed to be blood from wounds, from being beaten up by Suhana’s enraged fiancĂ©.

At some point the falsely accused character walks right up to the ex fiancĂ©, with a sneer on his face and mutters in his ear that the baby which is already DEAD is HIS (the bridegroom’s) baby. Sneer sneer sneer.

Don’t follow what I am saying? Don’t even try to. I have yet to find anyone who watches this particular serial let alone anyone who watches, who understands it. (You will catch it on Star Plus at 1:30 pm Mondays to Thursdays – which makes it just the right time for me to watch for about 10 or 15 minutes, after lunch and before retiring for a snooze.) Like I said, it is good for the spirits.

Couldn’t watch the last third of the show because we were at my grandmother’s place and my parents wanted to go home. So did I.

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suresh said...

Ghar Ghar ki yahi kahani. You should see Malayalam channels to believe how the glycerine Industry in India is thriving, due to these TV serials.

My Mom virtually cries at times with the characters on TV who cry at the drop of a hat. Gosh! And the torture when she wants to narrate to me what is happening in the episode!