Friday, October 07, 2005

A little about bad moods

Mother in a downright bad mood yesterday evening. Nothing unusual in that of course. We’re all sitting around the living room, Dad, me and her, with our pre-dinner drinks (Dad with his whisky soda and me and Mother with our shots of Feni, mixed with soda). Something crops up about my brother having been given power of attorney before he left India in '77 and how the forms he signed almost thirty years are now slowly disintegrating. So I said, since brother was headed for India next February he could maybe sign a fresh set of forms. But you know how it is when people are in a bad mood and nothing is right, so of course Vish would never be able to do that because he was in Bombay for just two days and they would be tired and blah blah blah. (What! Too tired to sign a form?!!! I mean….!!!)

OK so to change the topic dad said something about wanting to eat that parsi chutney fish some day and muzzer says. “WHERE DO WE GET THE FISH? AND WHO GETS IT?”

I said maybe Asha could bring it on her way to work. Mom: “LAST TIME SHE GOT SOME CHICKEN AND IT WAS TERRIBLE. IT WAS TOO TOUGH!”

I said, then lets try and get that frozen stuff from the club. Mozzer: Heck the club never has anything worthwhile these days. The frozen food there is no good.

Ho hum. OK so when it gets like that one learns to just keep quiet and to keep sipping one’s drink. I was playing some light jazz and looking out of the window at the reflection of the lights dancing in the water. I guess Mother feels she does all the work – the housework, the administration, she’s also financial manager and according to her my dad and I do nothing except sit around and collect useless objects, (among them books) and discuss things to have for lunch which SHE then has to organise. I can quite see it from her point of view. But it is a vicious cycle. As long as she keeps working like a maniac nobody is going to feel even vaguely tempted to take over from her because she is so formidably efficient at everything she does. And as long as we continue to sit on our ass she will have to continue doing stuff. No. seriously, one of these days I plan to CHANGE. I PLAN TO GET OFF MY ASS. I MEAN IT.

Have started already, by cleaning out and re-organising my bookshelf with Tukaram’s help. Getting rid of books I haven’t read in a while and putting the remaining books in order. Dwight ought to have been here to help me catalogue them!


Raju will reach his village in Kerala this morning. Am off to the hospital with Meher for another round of music meditation. Shall check with his brother when I get back.


Just checked out the maternal temperatures. Pretty normal this morning. Good thing Mum is a computer illiterate and probably wont get to read this. Ha ha. Of course if she did and if she were in a good mood she might even be able to laugh at it. That’s life.

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Jules said...

My mother was like yours in this respect. She was Queen too, yes but, well especially in the kitchen. The rest of us never got in there except my father and that was only to dry and put away the dishes. She always wanted us 'out of the way' The result was that I was mainly free as a bird at home but when I left I was pretty hopeless and had to learn the hard way. Women's Lib hasn't helped much either because here with three men, there is an excessive interest food., and just imagine me with three grown men fussing about in a wee kitchen that no woman in her right mind would want to stay in for more than two minutes....And who does all the clearing up afterwards? Alone!
At least mother was queen but I'm just a helper!:(

umarang said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one!