Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Another peaceful day!

The whole gang went to Munich yesterday - primarily to drop of A. at the airport. She was off to Frankfurt to meet a TV producer who has given her some juicy assignments. Thomas drove her there, the kids accompanied her and everybody returned around half past seven in the evening. I spent a quiet day here catching up on my mail.

We have a new cleaning woman - Linda - from Morocco - a very tranquil and efficient person who leaves the whole house spotless. She cooked for both of us - some Moroccan dish with fish and vegetables. In the absence of the right spices it seemed a bit bland to me but she said she would make couscous for us and get her own spices along.

Right now, watching a Laurel and Hardy film with Felix who accompanies every action and bit of dialogue with his own commentary and action.

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Stardust1954 said...

When I was a kid my brother and sister and I watched Laurel and Hardy all the time on the television and I don't know why but I felt frustrated watching Stan Laurel be so dumb and Oliver Hardy scolding him for various things. I still can't watch those without feeling annoyed.

Couscous, I love couscous.