Monday, December 11, 2006

The Robber Hotzenplatz

Spent the afternoon in the winter garden watching snow falling onto the rectangular skylight. We were listening to an audio CD of children’s stories, about the robber Hotzenplotz who overpowers his victims with a pepper spraying revolver and whose main aim is to rob an old grandmother of her coffee machine. Felix loves this story and we have played it to death with him and me dividing the roles. Sometimes I am the grandmother and he is Hotzenplotz, sometimes he is the policeman Dimpflemoos and I am Karshpal one of the two good guys who fights the robber Hotzenplotz or at other times I’m the dumber of the good guys, Seppel, who is Karshpal’s friend. Then we all change roles and the drama goes on endlessly.

It is cold here and the heating has conked. For a few hours the house retained its warmth but now it is getting slowly colder. Luckily Thomas is back from Munich and we are hoping he will fix the heating soon. Brrrrrr.

Feli’s favourite theme right now around which many games and dialogues are based is “Kaka.” Everything is kaka. I am kaka, he offers me kaka sandwiches to eat, when I asked him what pictures he wanted to see on the net the other day, he said kaka pictures. I actually found some – of a shit sandwich and a shit ice cream cone and he was so impressed that he wanted to see them again and again. A. says he must be going through the anal stage and that boys seem to have it worse than girls. I agree.


Stardust1954 said...

I like the new blog layout design! Nice change!

The kaka story made me laugh. Kaka sandwiches and ice cream. I swear we can find anything on the internet!

stardust54 said...

Just to let you know that suddenly some of us with the old blogger can't log in and comment with our usual blogger info and must use our google account and when we do that our link to our own blog doesn't work. Isn't that great? (snarl)So, some may not be able to comment on your blog unless they figure out this way around it using google.

Blogger help says they are working on it.

uma said...

Yes indeed, it is a damn nuiscance!