Sunday, October 07, 2007

People's Week

Ishwar and Sheila - down from Canada

This past week has been a real "people's week" bringing old and new faces together. There was the visit from two friends of Dwight's from Toronto - Ishwar and Sheila - who are on a three month vacation. Having spent a month in Europe they landed in Bombay and spent two days wandering around Colaba and Elephanta. They are now chilling in Goa, before they go to Bangalore (which incidentally is where I am headed as well, this coming week). Both Sheila and Ishwar are in the mental health field and so, also interested in the work we do here.

A former classmate, Ketayun also turned up last week and we spent the whole morning exchanging gossip about the people we knew and had studied with. As a result of K's insistent search for old friends I also managed to locate Nazneen who was one of the three students in the arts division at BIS. Those were the days, when a class had nine pupils, six in the science division and three in the arts section! So Nazneen answered my mail and it turned out she was on her way to China for a conference on the Montessori method and I told her I too would be out of town the next few days so we decided to catch up later on.

Then out of the blue Lygia called up and we spent a looong time catching up on all that had happened the past ten years or more that we lost touch with each other and now plan to meet for dinner or some such thing when I return.

Right I'm off to bed now (or maybe I'll see if there's anything worth watching on TV.

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