Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Pace Gets Faster

The last days we've all gone down like a bunch of skittles with colds and coughs and runny noses beginning with the maid S, who passed it on to my mother who passed it on to me. A the cook got her cold and cough independently and has been going round sounding like a woebegone foghorn and also been sleeping it off most of the day. My cold has slowly retreated meanwhile which is just as well because the season of guests has got underway.

Sumana and Olav

Last week Sushama B and family were down for a wedding of a close friend's daughter so her daughter Sumana and Sumana's husband Olav spent a couple of days with me - the various members of the B family were parked in different places. The wedding they attended seemed like a remake of Monsoon Wedding, with numerous bashes involving singing and dancing and general merry making.

Ravi and Sushama

Last night Suhail arrived with Aude and confirmed reports given to us by other friends about Alitalia. That they make a fuss even about serving water on the flight. (Though Suhail said he waved his hands constantly at the stewardesses passing by and managed to get his fair quota).

Right now the two are sleeping it off after which Su will probably show Aude around Bombay and we'll spend the rest of the time catching up on all the news.

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