Monday, May 17, 2010

The True Meaning Of Speed

How can anyone write anything 15,000 pages long? A novel, a text book, a legal document, whatever. And how can anyone be expected to read something 15,000 pages long. In India anything is possible. Or maybe it's today's world?

The IPL commissioner, Lalit Modi's lawyer submitted six cartons of documents to the BCCI Chief Administrative Officer containing altogether 9000 pages while Modi himself has sent a repy to the BCCI which, according to his tweet runs into 15,000 pages. Did he do that because he expected it to take another twenty years for the matter to be processed by which time it would be buried and done with? No, actually Shashank Manohar, president of the BCCI is a lawyer and it is said he will need only a few hours to go through Modi's reply. I guess to all the other meanings and dimensions of speed you can add this one. The ability to fly through mountains of written matter (let's not speak about its quality) in less time than it takes to eat your breakfast, drive to work, have a cup of coffee and work through the files till lunchtime.

And I always thought speed had to do either with jet planes or with amphetamines.


Sid said...

I think the actual reply would be less than 150 pgs,the rest would be annexures,which are not really required to be read with a fine toothcomb.There is more hype than substance in this confrontation.I wouldn't be surprised if both the parties kiss and make up and we are left debating the issue -whether IPL should be banned or not ?!

Uma said...

Sid, it wouldn't make a difference to my life either way. Ha ha