Friday, June 25, 2010

Rainy Day Ballad

Apu Moll and Furbie

I didn't really think that anybody would want to get out in the kind of weather we had yesterday, with all the rain and wind, when Aparna and Shivraj (Chokra) turned up. With them came their feline Furball, who had had a bit of an accident a few weeks back and is now hobbling around with his leg stuck in a green plaster cast. We spent the entire day chatting, fooling around with my new mac and with garageband, which is a fun programme to create music using all kinds of different sound effects. The only thing missing were the hot bhajiyas at tea time, as S is on leave till Sunday.

Chokra trying to frighten us

I was actually very nervous about Shambhu turning up while Furball was still around and (like any self respecting tomcat) going ballistic to find a strange male on his turf. Shambhu actually sits on the balcony ledge quite often and tracks down the movements of all the felines in the neighbourhood. Should they even approach his empire, he springs into action and chases them across the garden and over the wall right across the rooftops of the shanties behind the garden wall, to put them in their place.

Shambhu keeping a lazy watch out

Luckily it was Maharaj's day out and he didn't return till about 8 in the evening when we were having drinks out on the balcony. Furball safely ensconced in my bedroom, behind a locked door, seemed to be blissfully unaware of the presence of any other cats and continued to sleep on my pillow. Shambhu meanwhile wolfed down his dinner, strutted around, yowled for a minute and then left again presumably to join his lady love in the garage.

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