Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Dance Within

After weeks of planning and fumbling around with dates, Sharat finally managed to pick dates which suited most of the people who wanted to attend Vaneeta's 2 day workshop "The Dance Within", centred around movement and awareness. The exercises were both fun and did in fact enhance our awareness of how our bodies move (or fail to oblige, as the case may be!) I guess most of the participants went away with the feeling that they truly deserved their lunch the days they worked out!

Maintaining contact through movement

Chandran exhibiting his skills as a dancer :)
Moving blindfolded

The "Streamer" dance

Improvised movements

Group statue

Group clapping exercise

the pencil dance

Sudha, Sid, Radha chilling after lunch

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Kalpana said...

Wao!..nice to see all in the dancing movements but Chandran especially...! :-) I am sure it must have been real fun