Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What Do You Call A Kid Like This?

Mansi putting on a serious act

The last three or four weeks have been one muddle of movement from here to there, home to Andheri for treatment for the ageing knees, then for trials for the brace to be fitted on my left leg, interspersed with work and exercising at home.

So Mansi's visit was like a very welcome breeze. In fact she floated in with her parents one afternoon, after paying a visit to the Mahalaxmi temple and promptly asked if I would like her to sing or dance for me. My nod got her going to such an extent - especially on seeing the camera - I figured she wouldn't ever stop. Eventually I had to tell her there was no more space left on the camera to do any recording after which she reluctantly wound down. Here - enjoy the video:


Kalpana said...

very very noce Uma...who is this little girl...I'm amazed at her confidnce

Uma said...

Hi Kalpana, Mansi is Saru's niece (her sister's daughter)

sophie said...

éhéh sweet memories just back one year : still the Mansi I have known so serious performance :')