Friday, February 29, 2008

Terminator T1000

You guys are going to be wondering what I have to say about Terminator T1000, considering how little I have to do with robots or with weapons of mass destruction. Well, today's DNA has a pageful of interviews with youngsters about the role of gadgets in our lives and how they react to them. One young fellow, Steven Pereira, who sports distinctive criminal tendencies and even looks like a hardened convict, has this to say about robots: "I want a Terminator T1000 robot. I'll use it to threaten to kill mankind." At least the guy's honest and one can't help wondering how many like him are lurking around in today's world, and whether or not they will get access to the kind of power and technology which will make their dream come true, on a large scale!

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Stardust said...

Here in the US there are already too many with this kind of mentality. I suppose you have been hearing about all the crazy shooting rampages at universities, restaurants, workplaces, etc. The latest shooting was at the university where my two sons went for a couple of years. Northern Illinois University, about an hour and a half from where I live. Then a few weeks before that five women were shot while shopping at a Lane Bryant store not too far from where I live in a middle class Chicago suburban neighborhood. Then I hear on the news last night of a shooting in a Wendy's fast food restaurant in Florida. A well-dressed man walked in and just started shooting, ending with shooting himself. Can't even go out for a sandwich without wondering if you will survive dinner.

It's this kind of evil mentality of the Terminator T1000 kind. Kids re raised that way and carry that into adulthood via violent video games and movies. Kids are desensitized to killing. Scary.