Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why My Morning Coffee Tastes A Bit Different

A couple of days back I finally decided to junk the "Indian Express" and to go for "DNA" - which I used to anyway subscribe to a couple of years ago. That time I ditched DNA because I found it a trashy newspaper. I don't think I've changed my opinion too much but now I've decided, that DNA is at least colourfully trashy compared to the Express which is just plain drab whichever angle you look at it from.

To date I haven't come across a newspaper I really feel like reading, which I would feel good supporting. All media anyway is biased, everyone has their own agenda and the "news" you get is the world view of a particular set of people. As long as you know that and read what you read with a pinch of salt it's fine I guess. Anyway it's nice to have a newspaper in your hands while you're drinking your morning coffee and to catch up on what is happening in the world, even if it is a one-sided perspective. Mainly habit I guess.


Chandran said...

I thought DNA stood for Dumbest Newspaper Around! But that isn't fair, perhaps - I've hardly read it. I get HT & TOI, but there's so little to read. Mainstream media are all so trashy anyway.
There are some good alternative news sites on the net, but most tend to be very US-centric

uma said...

Yes I agree. The net is a good place for news these days. Too bad you can't read it along with your breakfast!

Stardust said...

I like to hold a newspaper, too. I like to look through sale papers and see what the latest deals are. Another thing I haven't been able to get into are online books. I need a real book in my hands to be able to enjoy it. Reading books online is just not the same...plus it makes a big kink in your neck!

uma said...

That's true, Stardust. I like to hold the thing that I'm reading in my hands - at least if it's going to be a long read. I'm not one for too much reading on the net either.