Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Warmer Days in Bombay

Can you imagine people in Bombay actually longing for warmer weather? Well it's true, that's the state we've been in this last week. The temperature actually dropped to 8 degrees Centigrade. Not funny in a city which is geared for the heat. Not funny to wake up and go to the loo at night and wash your hands with ice cold water. Ugh.

This week has been somewhat more comfortable. In fact this is the kind of weather I'd settle for permanently. Cool but not unpleasantly cold. If only we could have a say in the decision making which goes on in the cosmos, about our weather! One thing nobody is looking forward to is the summer. "If winter has been this cold it means summer is going to be unbearably hot," says our cook Asha with great conviction. Well time will prove whether she is right or not but even if she is, when we're actually there we'll probably be too weak and enervated to take note of her words of wisdom.


Stardust said...

Hi Uma, right now 10C sounds like a heat wave to me. Tomorrow we will only get as high as -8 C (17 F) and a low of -15c (4 F) here in Chicagoland. Right now we have about two feet of snow on the ground and wind chills far below the thermometer reading. This is the coldest, snowiest winter we have had in more than a decade.

uma said...

Yikes, Stardust!!