Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fitness All Round

Marlis is back in Prien to help me with a physical fitness programme. So we have been hard at work and I feel I really earned my lunch today.

Transferring the idea of fitness to our mental capacities, I wonder if something similar doesn't happen to our minds. The same way that our muscles get slack when we dont use them, our minds too, after a certain point are not able to respond effectively and quickly. That means we keep doing the same things and making the same mistakes because we are not quick enough to keep up with what is going on.

The more we stagnate, the more rigid we are and the more we stick to known territory, the less our minds are able to “move”. I sometimes feel enlightenment has to do with regaining our mental flexibility back, which I think we were born with, so that we can move in any space we choose and not feel threatened. Even when our bodies (and with it our egos or personalities) go through the doors of death.


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