Saturday, November 11, 2006

Healing Visualisation

It is rather weird when you find yourself being treated by another therapist, who uses the same methods as you do. Yesterday evening this friend of ours called Kiko turned up for dinner (he is staying with us for a day or two because he is attending a course in Prien). We got talking about my leg and after the others had gone to bed, he asked if he could work on me. I said okay. He did a kind of visualisation exercise with me very similar to what I do with my clients, about feeling and trying to visualise what is within. He made me visualise my connection with my foot which was broken, to see which part of the body connected most strongly with the foot (it was my heart!) and to see the colour connecting my heart with my foot (a kind of silver band) and so on. At the start I remember a heavy feeling inside me but as we went along, the feeling subsided and towards the end I was left with quite a light feeling. This evening he will be back for some more exercises and I am curious.

There is no doubt as far as I'm concerned, about the role played by our minds in healing. It may not be possible immediately because first it seems necessary to clear up a lot of garbage in the mind which makes it difficult to concentrate or rather to pay attention to your body. But then you begin to simply sense how your attitude and general feeling affect your health. And it is not just our own personal health but the vibes in the environment too which are affected.

In the 1990's I believe an experiment was conducted in Washington in which over 100,000 people were invited to meditate over a period of time (I forget how long but I think it was about a month). The persons conducting the experiment wanted to prove that meditations like these could help bring down the crime rate. And in effect the police department helped in this effort. At the end when the checked out the statistics they discovered that the crime rate for the entire period of meditation had indeed dropped by 25 per cent.

What do you make of that?

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