Monday, November 27, 2006


Last week's visit to the doc confirmed that the bones are mending okay, so now I'm allowed to stand and put about 10 Kg weight on my leg. Hmmm. How much is ten Kg? Hard to tell. Ruth had taken me to Munich for the appointment and when we got back home and I saw Ariela I excitedly said to her "10 Kg!" Instead of reacting with delight she looked horrified. It later turned out that she thought the doctor had advised me to lose 10 Kg and she wondered how I would manage that.

Meanwhile it gets dark here so quickly it is incredible. At half past four you cant see a thing out of the window and indoors too you cant manage without lights. Luckily the days are not bad. When the sun shines it gets quite warm and is very pleasant.

Nothing earthshaking in the last few days. But we're slowly gearing up for Xmas. I am making progress with the guitar and Lulu and I practise together almost every day for our special Xmas show. We have made up our own version of "This land is your land" which is half in German and half in Hindi. (For those who know the tune it goes "Yeh rasta mera... yeh rasta tera... Prien lekay Mumbai... Deutschland lekay Indee-ah...etc). Everybody here thinks it's cool and we've named our band "DFI" - Deutsch-Indisch Freundschaft". (German-India Friendship band).

How does that grab you!


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