Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Brazilian woman

The weekend with Andrea and the kids was very nice even if a bit wild. Watched the movie "Bleep" a second time and enjoyed it. It's one of those which gives you something extra to think about each time you see it and also the opportunity to catch up on the bits you missed. It really helps you to see a few things, about why change doesn't happen even though we often say we want it. And as we have been learning in Samuel's workshops the makers of Bleep also recommend that to break a habit you have to learn to sit back and watch. In other words, learn to be still.

Well Andrea left us early on Monday morning and now Ariela's mother is with us. She is good fun and we spent the whole morning playing - Lulu, Felix and me. She is good at making up stories.

Meanwhile I spoke to Suhail and Shasha yesterday evening, we chatted for over an hour (one of the rare times when I have been so long on the phone - normally I HATE it). They felt that in many ways Brazil was pretty much like India but over a period of time they began to see the difference as well and the fact that the people there are a lot more free and there is none of the sexual repression one finds in India. In concrete terms that means that as a woman you can walk down the street without being stared at by every man in sight. Suhail said the women also move differently and even the ones who are fat, seem very proud of their bodies, and their entire being shows it. How lucky!

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